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Barbed Wire

Ideal for fencing security and livestock 1.7 mm galvanized wire 80 meters long Bonus pack with 40 staples Reminder: Use hand and eye protection when handling barbed wire

Chicken Wire

Dimensions: 6m x 90 cm. With 30 clips for attaching to wooden structures. Ideal as a garden fence, to protect plants and crops, as support for plants and small trees. The wire mesh is also great for fencing animals and aviaries. Galvanized to prevent rust formation; can be easily shaped and cut to size.

PractiCool Filter Expansion Pack

COMPANION PRODUCT for the Practicool 4-in-1 Garden Sieve 4 MESH FILTERS with aperture sizes of 2,4,7 and 11mm. When combined with the Practicool 4-in-1 Garden Sieve gives you a total of 8 different filter aperture sizes GREATER FILTERING ACCURACY with a wide range of filtering selections CONVENIENT STORAGE takes up minimal space STAINLESS STEEL MESH longer lasting and resists rusting.

Practicool Stainless Steel Garden Potting Sieve/Riddle - with 4 interchangeable mesh sizes - 3,6,9,12mm

Four interchangeable screens, mesh sizes - 3,6,9, and 12 mm 30 cm diameter; strong stainless steel construction, durable and easy to clean Sift soil, weeds, compost, gravel, cat litter Weeds, stones and other debris easily removed Filter honey from wax

Vine Eye Screw Pack

The vine eye screws are supplied for customers who want to attach runs of wire to the wall, perhaps to support plants. Use in conjunction with Practicool Plant Training Kit or similar.